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Welcome to Caledonia Fly Company Ltd  Trout Dry Flies  Trout Lures & Attractors  Sea Trout Flies

          Hackled Dries Barbless    4-5      Blobs Barbless            41-42    Sea Trout Singles         80
          Winged Dries Barbless     5-6      Leeches, Zonkers & Big Uglys  43   Sea Trout Doubles         81
 Caledonia Fly Company Ltd was formed in 2003 and is based in Crieff in the heart of Highland Perthshire Scotland.    CDC & Popper Hoppers   7  Stinger/Snake Lures   44  Sea Trout Specials & Tubes   82-83
 We market and distribute the highest quality Salmon, Trout, Sea Trout, Pike, Carp, Mullet and Saltwater fishing flies    Parachute & Klinks Barbless   8-9  Floating Fry   44
 throughout the UK and Europe to the retail tackle trade and fisheries. The sole intention was to provide the highest    Stillwater Dries Barbless   9-11  Beaded & Special Lures   45-49  Saltwater Flies
 quality fishing flies to the retail market. The business is run by Malcolm and Karen Anderson and has become recognised    Mini Lures   49-51
 as the market leader in fishing flies.                                         Saltwater Flies           84-85
            Trout Terrestrial & Wets         Boobies Barbless          51-52
 Identifying that there was tremendous growth potential in the quality end of the Fly market, we have continued to increase
 the number of available patterns and have seen a considerable increase in demand since then. The company reputation for   Daddies  11  Salmon Flies  Carp Flies
 quality and service has helped our business grow considerably in the retail fly - fishing sector. Our range consists of over   Hoppers     12  Carp Flies   86
 1500 patterns in all sizes, both traditional and modern and that number is continually growing.  CDCs Barbless   12-13  Salmon Singles   53
          Sedges                    14-15    Salmon Bombers            53         Pike & Predator Flies
 The Caledonia Fly Company and its design team are involved in setting the standards which have made us what we are
 today, our design team of angling enthusiasts who are experts in their own field, including guides and ghillies throughout    Dapping Flies   15   Salmon Nordic Singles   54  Pike & Predator Lures   86-87
 the UK and Ireland help us provide tested and exciting patterns for the market place. Many of our dressings are slight    Muddlers  16-17  Salmon Doubles   54-57  Pike Tubes   87-88
 variants of established products, this is not a whim, but a reflection on the progression of a pattern that has been gleaned   Hackled Wet Flies   18-20  Patriot Doubles   57-60  Pike Mini Tubes & Lures   88
 from experience.  Clyde & Northern Spiders   20-21  Salmon Nordic Doubles   61
          Winged Wet Flies          22-24    Micro Trebles             62
 Only the finest materials and hooks are used in the production of our flies. Malcolm is a former Scottish International    Dabblers & Stimulators   24-25  Copper Tubes   63-65  Mullet Flies
 Fly-fisher, an excellent designer and Fly-tier and an inveterate experimenter of new methods and patterns.    Mayflies  25-26  Aluminium Tubes   66-67  Mullet Flies   88
 Our professional tying team produce fantastic looking flies of the highest standard that are not just eye catching but durable   Snatchers  26-27  Pot Belly Pigs   68
 and long lasting.    Bumbles       27       Coneheads & Skulls        69-71      Fly Displays
                                             Mini Tube Coneheads       71-72
  Our Commitments  Trout Nymphs & Bugs       Loop Bottles              73       Selection Packs           89-90
 • Customer satisfaction                     Mini Crimp Tubes          74       Display Items             90
 • We give a friendly, professional and personal service  Beaded Nymphs   28-30  Tungsten & Northern Rivers   74-75  Salmon Brooches & Caps   91
 • To produce the very best quality flies for the marketplace  Unweighted Nymphs   31-33   Plastic & Hitch Tubes   75-77  Caledonia Fly Company Ltd
 • Delivery within 24 hours of ordering  Weighted Nymphs & Eggs   34  Turbo/Sonic Tubes   77-78  5 Horseshoe Drive
          Epoxy & Special Buzzers
 • We offer a specialised service to customers with a requirement for customised patterns  Adult Buzzers   37  Intruders  78  Crieff, Perthshire
 • To continue our quest for innovative patterns, materials and fishing fly concepts  River Bug Collection Barbless  38-41  Pacific & Steelhead    79  PH7 4LT
 •  Increase our product portfolio in a way which will reflect the traditions of our craft whilst staying at the cutting-edge    Bung Sight Indicators   41  Tel/Fax 01764 650106
 of the sport of fly fishing                                          

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